My New Project:

Sept. 12, 2020, 9:28 p.m.

Have you ever had an idea that keeps coming back to you over and over again? For a week? For a month? I know that feeling. My new project was born from this feeling.

On this blog, I mix content a lot. I have written personal posts (not many of them, but still), FreeBSD development posts, development posts, security posts, and ZFS posts. This mixed content can be problematic sometimes. I share a lot of stuff here, and readers don’t know what to expect next. I am just excited by so many things, and I want to share that excitement with you!

I have noticed that there aren’t many resources strictly focused on ZFS, the best file system in the world. You can find oracle websites, OpenZFS, or single posts here or there, but not an entire site dedicated solely to ZFS.

And we can’t forget about the COVID issue, which has stopped all my monthly meetings — BSD-PL and No Such Meetup.

Because of all of that, I have decided to start a new project called The blog focuses strictly on ZFS, and I plan to post news and tutorials about ZFS. The plan is to post there biweekly, but we will see how I manage.

Going forward, I’ll treat this blog as my personal blog. It will focus mostly on security and open-source software development. If that is still too many topics in one place, then I will think about splitting this blog even further.

On, you can already find reposts from this blog. You can also join my mailing list! I have even prepared a small gift for you. If you join my mailing list community, you will receive a ZFS cheat sheet. I also plan to share links to news from the ZFS world through the mailing list.

If you like the idea, please join our mailing list!